Monthly Archives: December 2012


The masked leader appears on my screen,

This seems urgent; all shows have been paused,

Our daily indulgences pushed aside to hear his voice,

Pushed aside for this unexpected intermission.


“There is a problem”, he says,

“Armed robbery is on the rise,

We need to bring an end to this issue,

To put a stop to our demise.”


His words rain down anger on my heart,

He doesn’t understand, but I can clearly see,

His potbelly dances to the rhythm of his words,

That “sign of good living” holds a well-known secret,

A secret seen in his limited edition watch,

In his Hugo Boss suit, in his Ferragamo shoes,

It tells of the nation’s wealth, its leader’s loot.


Don’t you see you’re just like those you condemn?

Maybe even worse because you had our trust,

Robbers need weapons to have power, control,

But your position is power enough,

Thieves deter our tomorrow, hold it ransom a while,

But you banish our futures, they’re lost forever.

Maybe if you stopped taking, they would as well,

And we could  reclaim all that had gone,


Now, you say there’ll be a nationwide search,

The police will scour the streets and find the thieves,

My laugh pushes out, abrasively against my thoughts,

Don’t you see that if they did it right,

They’d all be gone, and you’d be gone as well.