On breaks and being blocked out

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for being here. It has meant the world to have people who want to see and read my truths. It has been incredibly rewarding to be able to escape reality every week, and put a bit of myself on this blog.

But I must now face my reality- one that involves big bad law exams. Unfortunately, I have to take a step back from inktippeddreams until July- when the beast which stalks before me presently would finally be dead. I have to do this because the quality of what I write or draw is very important to me, and I’m sure, to anyone who follows this blog.

Thank you for your constant support, and I know that I will be back from July with a wealth of material, stolen from the realities which I try so hard to escape. I hope you will be back then too 🙂 Now, I will fade away for a while…

In leaving, I wanted to share my favourite poem I have ever written- I wrote it about three years ago, and its about being “Blocked Out” from the world around us. It’s in the post below. I guess that’s the message which I want to linger because it’s so vital- to experience life and be there for the people who matter most.

Thank you for the love, and I hope we all fight to take away the distractions that block us from the beauties of life 🙂

See you in July, and good luck with your own realities.

Love,love, love,



10 responses to “On breaks and being blocked out

  1. Good luck on your exams darling!!! You will slay them! I’ll remember to pray for your success 🙂

  2. Your works are of an common quality in an age where the mind is bombarded with substandard excuses for stimulation, you bring a sunrise to an otherwise desolate and dark literary world. I speak not only for myself when i say that you will be missed, August cannot come sooner. Stay creative. Love you. Sparky

  3. eh…it’s like that sometimes.

    I don’t think you’ll completely stop writing in the interim. While intensive writing ceases, you’ll take notes of things you think of that can be extrapolated on at a future date.

    No biggie…

  4. Goodluck and i wish you all the best. Do let us know how it went 🙂 Thank you for sharing your truth.

  5. Kanyinsola Abiona

    love this babe! I’ve been hiding under a cave too, only just saw this x

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