Inktippeddreams is my medium for telling stories.

I chose the name, because, whether written or drawn, these stories are all expressed in ink, and in this way, story-telling adequately summarises my dreams for this blog.

There are many ways to tell stories, and they are all important, revealing different things. I tell my stories in four ways, and so, you’ll find four types of postings on this blog:

Tales: These could be short enough to be in a single post, or longer and therefore needing several posts. They will also be completely fictional, although inspired by my experiences or observations. There is no particular theme for these tales; they will be as diverse as possible.

Poetry: I love poetry. It’s so rhythmical. It’ll also be much less fictional because I write it based on my emotions. It may not be completely true though!

Alala’s Journal Entries: So who is this Alala person? I don’t mean to sound schizophrenic! Alala is a fictional character that I created. I guess you could say that she’s my alter ego, or even more distant from myself than that. The name “Alala” is Yoruba for “dreamer”. I think that it’s so beautiful and musical. So this girl would be everything I may be, or may not be, all wrapped in one. I am using a fictional character, because journal entries are the rawest way of telling stories, and there is so much that can be said. I want to be free to create or confess as I see fit, without any inkling on your part as to whether what I write here are my thoughts, or completely made up. So, it’s a protective layer. And there will be tons of fiction here. For all you know, there may be zero truth. It’s fun to imagine what someone else could think. So I guess this is a warning. This is not my voice, it’s hers. Also, her contribution will only be in this area of her journal entries.

Drawings: My drawings may be used to illustrate the tales, poetry, or journal entries.  Or they may just stand alone if they speak sufficiently for themselves. I love playing with my pencil. It’s cool to see what you can achieve by merging lines.

So this is Inktippeddreams. I hope it keeps you entertained. And I hope it stimulates, supports, or satisfies your love for stories. I know I’m happy to tell them. Thank you for showing up 🙂

P.S: I plan to put up a post every week. Here’s to consistency! Hopefully…


6 responses to “Inktippeddreams

  1. when can I start sharing it as well?

  2. Whenever you want Kanyin! Thanks so much 🙂

  3. Oh my Goodness you write and u draw’ could I be more jealous!!!! Arggggghhhhh!!!!!!…ok I’m done with my hysteria…very lovely. I am also a law student what school r u in?

  4. U r welcome. I’m in Unilag.

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