ENTRY ONE: The Slavery Series Competition (19th January- 15th February)

Hi guys! Inktippeddreamer here! So I came up with a comment competition for the Slavery Series (drawings related to modern slavery) to inspire engagement! Here’s hoping it works 🙂

The plan is that I have 4 rewards to give away- one for each drawing. When a drawing goes up for the week, the person who made the best comment for that week will get a customised portrait!

How it works: The best commenter, which I will announce on THIS PAGE, would send me their favourite picture (of their own self) in portrait form, and I will draw it, make a border for it, and post it to an address that the person will send me.

Please note that it may take me up to 4 weeks to send the drawing. Please be patient with me 🙂

For this purpose, my email address is

Get to commenting guys!!!

ENTRY TWO- Competition Winner for #1 Slavery Series- Corporate Noose

Thank you guys for your comments! There were 5 comments made on this drawing, and each one was good in its own right!

Kanyin took the empathic route.

Gabs went for humour and wit.

Chinazo related personally to the drawing.

Angie used literary knowledge and flattery 😉

Afam used humour and wit through rhyme 😉

THE WINNER for this week is AFAM!!  It was great how you modelled your comment after the rhyme I had used, and it was very witty!

Please send a picture to, and I will reply concerning the border and your address.

Thank you to everyone else! You’re all awesome! There are still 3 chances left 😉

ENTRY THREE- Competition Winner for #2 Slavery Series- Brand Me

This week, there was only one comment! It was a rather disappointing turnout, but the quality of that solitary comment kind of made up for it!

KANYIN, you had your eyes on the prize, and now the prize is yours!

Even though you were the only commenter, that does not take away from how insightful and passionate your comment was!

Thank you for commenting, and remember to send your picture to

Entry FOUR- Competition Winner for #3 Slavery Series- Love Ties

Thank you for your comments this week guys!! There were 3 comments that were in the running: Angie, Faith and Charles. The other three were just flattery 😉

Angie’s comment came from a place of personal insight and passion.

Faith’s comment was perceptive and brimming with analysis of a different perspective.

At that point, it was pretty even competition and a tight race.

Then this comment came in from Charles, which blew the top off. Here it is:

“As much as we attempt to deny it, we are nothing more than glorified animals that happen to be bi-pedaled with opposable thumbs.

Such being the case, since mating for life with the same partner is extremely rare in the animal kingdom (it does occur, but it’s exceptionally infrequent), the expectation that the species of man be monogamous through the societally constructed institution of marriage is arrogant…

…but people are raised to believe in this fairy tale called marriage, so most go unquestionably along with their conditioning. Thus they willingly accept the placement of the shackles put upon them by way of a diamond ring and other wedding expenses that will place them into debt, thereby ultimately rendering them as wage slaves living paycheck to paycheck to pay down various associated costs of what their going against nature brang forth.”

This comment deserves its own blog post. I am sure that you will all agree that CHARLES is the winner!!

Thank you so much Faith and Angie!! Please play for the last post! You were so close, I didn’t envision this underdog either!

Charles, please send your photo of choice to

Thanks for commenting!

ENTRY FIVE- Competition Winner for #4 Slavery Series- Death By Study

Unfortunately, there was a very poor turnout for this post. Only one person commented, and that person had won previously- Kanyin.

Therefore, the reward goes back into non-existence!

Thank you for a good month of the Slavery Series.


2 responses to “Rewards

  1. Kanyinsola Abiona

    alrighty! eyes on the prize hehe!

  2. Kanyinsola Abiona

    yay! whoop whoop

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