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Person. Under. A. Train.


So I know I said I was going away for a while to revise. This is still true! But something happened on my way to the library today that forced me to write. At the train station, a very dark announcement was made which upset me. But I was shocked by how normally people seemed to take it, and how normally the announcer stated it. It made me realise how always moving so fast can eat into our souls and our humanity.

So I wrote the poem below as an ode to the person who seemed to be forgotten in the midst of city life. Bye again!xxx


“There are minor delays on all lines…

Due to a person under a train…”

His voice went out in slow, even beats.


“The circle line is part suspended…”

The ponytailed girls continued to sway,

The bigger one said as she giggled,

“Silly person climbed in the wrong way!”


“The central line is part suspended…”

I heard the groans circle my space.

“I’m already ten minutes late to work”

The man wrung his wrists, frowns across his face.


Someone’s ten minutes late to life…


“The jubilee line is closed between…”

“My doctor’s meeting is down the drain…”

Life just went on behind the screen.


“The entire district line is suspended…”

A woman groaned to her daughter’s pleas,

“It’s not the end of the world”…

Yes. It’s not, I wanted to scream.


At least not of ours.


Our time, our dates, and our silly pain,

Fall like heavy bricks along the drain,

If we try not to complain…

And think of the person. under. a. train.